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4 Ways To Repair Your Credit

By Admin | Posted in Auto Loans & Financing News on Friday, January 9th, 2015 at 7:42 am

Once you've checked your credit score, you may be reeling from the subpar results. If your rating is lower than you expected, don't stress, as there are ways to improve your credit history and put yourself in a better position to secure loans.

An acceptable credit score is essential for people who want to shop used cars. You'll likely need some kind of auto financing to complete the purchase, and you want to be in a position to get the best interest rates and credit options possible. When you're getting ready to buy a used car, make sure you're taking advantage of a few credit best practices to improve your personal score. 

1. Pay on time 
Even payments that are only a few days late will negatively impact your credit score. Do your best to pay every bill on time. Some people like to set up automatic payments or reminders, both of which can be helpful to absentminded borrowers. Form a routine where you pay consistently to prove you are a reliable client. 

2. Go above the minimum
Making only minimum payments is a surefire way to remain in debt. Not only will you wind up owing money for years on end, but you'll also have to pay more on interest rates and remain stagnant with your credit score. Whenever possible, pay more than what's required, and if you find yourself with some extra cash, don't hesitate to make a lump payment that relieves some of your debt. 

3. Seek help if needed 
There's no shame in needing a bit of help to sort through your credit. Special counselors are available to provide insight and guidance to borrowers in tough situations. People can also reach out to the creditors themselves to explore their options. New repayment plans or potentially even some late-payment forgiveness could do wonders for your credit score. 

4. Be smart about big purchases
The whole reason you may have checked your credit score is in preparation of buying something big. However, if your history is really that poor, you may want to wait until you improve your payment habits. Older credit problems, such as missed or late payments, count for less, but you need to have a good track record since then. 

Sometimes your purchases just can't wait. When that's the case, New Jersey State Auto Auction is here to help. The auction lot has a financing department that offers guaranteed credit approval and is accustomed to dealing with drivers who may have a not-so-perfect credit history. Let this team of experts help you get behind a quality used car quickly and affordably. 

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