Why Buy a Used Coupe?

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Your search for a new-to-you car ends at our used car dealer in Jersey City, but our diverse inventory gives you many options! Which one is the right choice for you? Let’s make a case for coupes, the two-door road companion that emanates fun wherever you go.

Why Buy a Used Coupe?

  • Style: There’s no denying that a two-door vehicle has a distinctly sporty edge, and for some, it’s the style they prefer. For example, Porsche purists were scandalized when the manufacturer started producing four-door models, because the coupe body style is a hallmark of free spirits and automotive performance enthusiasts everywhere.
  • Substance: Admittedly, the performance of large vehicles has improved substantially over the years, but nothing handles quite like a coupe, and that’s simply science. Their bodies are more rigid, and with fewer doors, drag is minimized. It’s altogether a stable ride with premium handling every time.
  • A Different Ride Type: When a vehicle’s body shell is stiffer, that creates less work for the suspension system. That means whether you prioritize a soft, silky ride or quick cornering at tight turns, you can find it in a coupe. Luxury brands tend to do this the best, so come on in to see us in Jersey City and take your pick of one of the many used BMW coupe models we have in stock!
  • Know Your History: At New Jersey State Auto Auction, you can get a CarFax auto history for everything in our inventory. If you see something you like, simply ask us and we’ll provide you with a CarFax report for reference!


For all the style points a coupe affords you, they tend to be pricier if you buy them new. That’s why shopping for a used model simply makes more sense. You can get the same level of sophistication for a very reduced price, with comparable quality! We carefully hand-select our entire inventory so that you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality model. Visit New Jersey State Auto Auction today for a test drive of one of our many coupes!

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