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Boasting classic profiles and movie-star good looks, the Mercury brand is quintessential to the American automotive history, especially as it was an offshoot of the Ford brand. Though production was discontinued in 2010, this manufacturer arrived on the scene in 1938 and remained a relevant and stylish staple of American highways for decades. Shoppers at our used car dealer near NY can count on a Mercury to provide the lavish amenities and beautiful ride they’ve come to expect!

Classic Looks for a Timeless Ride

The last iterations of the Mercury brand consisted of a small lineup of timeless gems such as the Mercury Mountaineer, which was among the first luxury SUVs. Though it modeled its aesthetics off of its sibling, the Ford Explorer, the Mountaineer came standard with many amenities that the highest-end Ford Explorer trim lines had, such as a rear-seat entertainment system and brushed-metal trim. As a midsize crossover, it came with plenty of cargo space and seating for up to seven.

However, the runaway most popular Mercury model was the Grand Marquis. This sedan was a boat of a car, with a ride that was as smooth as silk. Though there were year-to-year changes, the first generation of this vehicle lasted 12 years (1979-1991), a testament to its luxury and sturdy appeal to buyers of all types. You’d instantly recognize its padded vinyl half-roof, a staple of many full-size sedans, but nothing wore it quite like the Grand Marquis. The overwhelming popularity and ability to hold up over time made this Mercury model a popular choice for NY area shoppers looking for a reliable used sedan.

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